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Behind the scenes

19 February 2018

Couple of shots from P3 Promo Video production
As we are launched last month promo video for P3, it’s good to take a look at couple of shots from the set of P3 Promo Video production.

P3 PIX3L is yet another retro style fixture from Portman which now comes with even more perks. Beautiful stage lighting comes with 3 230W halogen lamps, 3 DMX channels, RDM and W-DMX (that one optional), backlight display, built-in electronics.  It very easy to install it on a tripod. On the top of that there is special rigging system which enable build every structure.

Take a look at behind the scenes shots from P3 Promo Production, in cooperation with Igor Falecki.

Photos USZATY Photo
Production Marcin Piechowski

Portman P3 PIX3L behind the scenes photos

Portman P3 PIX3L behind the scenes photos


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