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Festival season officially open!

27 June 2017

Up first Royal Blood at their tour at Glastonbury!

We start the festival season with something huge!

And it’s Royal Blood at Glastonbury 2017 with amazing P2 Hexaline wall.

The British band started their tour with a big bang and they really have a tight schedule going straight from Glastonbury to Germany and on 28th they are coming to Gdynia for Open’er Festival – where we are located.

We are going to be there to see how amazing our P2 are 🙂

Can’t miss that!

LD: Sam O’Riordan (Co-designer Tim Routledge Lighting Design)

P2 Hexalines Wall at Glastonbury

P2 Hexaline Wall at Glastonbury


P2 Hexaline Wall at Glastonbury

  • 23 July 2018

    Guus Meeuwis

    Plenty P1 in Eindhoven Guus Meeuwis show in Eindhoven brought plenty of people and was remarkable

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