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We celebrate our birthday!

10 October 2017

Big 12 months!

It’s been an amazing year!!!

Today we celebrate our 1st birthday. What an amazing journey last 12 months have been. We achieved great things and there are more to come! 😁

There are many people who we are thankful to, especially Craig Singer, Noel Duncan, Gary Mass, Bruce James Bandy, Joshua Carroll (Inner Circle Distribution, Inc.) Calville Bacchus, Brian Reilly, Jordan Vient(Entedi), Walter Jaegermann, Remco Pouwels, Jeroen Carette, Bram Adams, Frederik Vanslembrouck (Fairlight & CLF Lighting), Alain Lantelme, Jérôme Bréhard, Jean-Paul dos Santos, Jeremie Aderic, Yannick Danguy (Axente), Rui Nunes (SLS Sound and Light Systems), Natalie Krysiak, Adrian Gediga, Axel Schwakenberg, Michael Althaus (VISIONSTAGE GmbH), Michał Frąckowiak, Krzysztof Klak (P.S. Teatr), Kenneth Jakobsen, Isac Alkstrand (Atendi Protech), Morten Bakke, Eirik Kvia (Bary), Gianluca Trevisan, Nathalie Gacond (Plusmusic Engineered Entertainment)

and all our new distributors including Dave Jackson, Dave Taylor(TLC Global), Odysseas Kokkinakis (Global Show Productions) Antonio Agra (Stage Tech Argentina), Juha Kiuru, Kari Vanhalakka (msonic oy), Oktay Karaşoğlu (Lotus Technology).

as well as every other person involved in our development!

To have such great distributors is dream of every company!

Portman Lights 1st Birthday!

Portman Lights 1st Birthday!

Portman Lights 1st Birthday!


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