About us

from real passion
to greatest design

our aim is to design and create stage lighting of remarkable quality that intensifies the experience of any event.

Portman was founded by Krzysztof Rosłonek and reflects his passion for the stage and love of music.

With over 15 years in the entertainment industry, Roslonek began his career as a musician, and as an accomplished lighting designer has lit hundreds of concerts, fashions shows and live performances.

P1 retro lamp is our first fixture. We work hard under our R&D process to show new fixtures.


Today Portman is conducting by Kris, Łukasz Sztejna and Dominik Zimakowski.


design and R&D director

Always thinks about new fixtures and new ideas. Electronics, light sources, high voltage are his best toys.

His passion is LIGHT in every sense of this word. He has been a LD for 10 years. He lit lots of music festivals, bands and other performances. In Portman he is responsible for designing new fixtures and whole electronic area.


vice president / sales & marketing

All Clients, Distributors and other Partners are his best friends! Always!

Dominik has been involved to ICT industry for 10 years. Also known as a local creative entrepreneur. He pushed Portman into the market and now responsible for sales and marketing.



His second name is High Quality. Kris is responsible for manufacturing and order fulfillment.

This is the guy who caught the IDEA. He invented P1 and imagined Portman. Now he is responsible for whole manufacture process.