About us

The story of Portman Lights


We are Portman, a global brand with a passion for stage lighting.

We design and manufacture professional stage lighting. We create iconic designs, well-known around the world.

The company founded in Poland in 2016, now has 33 distributors in over 50 countries and a huge portfolio of spectacular concerts and TV shows featuring our fixtures. Each year we visit tradeshows e.g. in Las Vegas, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Moscow, Guangzhou.

We aspire to become the leading brand in the area of decorative stage lighting.

Owners & managers

Dominik and Łukasz lead great teams in research and design, manufacturing, fixture construction, support, logistics, administration, and sales & marketing. Our high-class distributors support us worldwide.

Investors of Portman include founders of a few well-known businesses in the industry e.g. Ayrton, Sixty82, Impact Evenement, OXO.

Dominik is responsible for the business operations within Portman. An experienced entrepreneur with over 10-year experience, Dominik became involved in the events industry by co-founding the Portman Lights company.

Łukasz is the ‘tech’ brain responsible for new fixtures, technology, and production. Since graduating high school, he has become an experienced LD and tour operator who has traveled the world operating large tours, festivals and gigs.

Main values: design, quality, utility

From the very beginning, we have followed these three main values. We focus on being unique, not only in our fixture design but also in other areas such as our marketing.

We know that the quality of our fixtures has to be the best, so we always prepare durable fixtures with reliable components.

The utility is the third aspect. Behind this is the ease of use by technicians, ease of shipping, access to our goods and service network.