About us

The story of Portman Lights


We are Portman, a global brand with a passion for stage lighting.

We design and manufacture professional stage lighting. We create iconic designs, well-known around the world.

Distributed in over 56 countries and a huge portfolio of spectacular concerts and TV shows featuring our fixtures. Each year we visit tradeshows e.g. in Las Vegas, Madrid, London, Paris, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Tokio.

SINCE 2016

The company was set in 2016 and started operating in September 2016. That was the time when we launched our first promo video – this one (P1 retro lamp). In October we delivered our first products to Clients in Belgium, the Netherlands, UK, France and Poland.

The first concepts for potential products were drawn in 2012.


All designs, all prototypes and final products are made in-house. Most of the components are made in Poland and final products are made on our own assembly line.  


The company is managed by two people: Dominik and Łukasz. This combination of Business and Technical skills and experiences. 

Łukasz (Tech) used to be an LD doing concerts, tours, and festivals. He graduated in electronic studies and has a great experience in stage lighting technologies.

Dominik (Biz) graduated in economics and has been connected to entrepreneurship since the beginning. Big fan of new media, marketing and the modern business philosophy.

Dominik and Łukasz are supported by the greatest Team.


The company is mainly owned by Dominik and Łukasz. From 2019 they are supported by the “French Team” – original formers of Ayrton. Dominik and Łukasz both own majority of the company.

This is a perfect combination of dynamism and stability, visionary and experience. 



Portman is going to be a leader in the decorative stage lighting area, providing beautiful, unique and timeless design, with the highest quality of the newest available technology. We want to deliver great products for LDs, Rental Companies, Technicians and our Distributors – Beautiful, Robust, and Easy to use.


Open Eyes Economy is the modern philosophy of doing business which we follow.

Based on it, first of all, we want to provide really good products to our customers that they really need. These products have to be robust, durable and for years. Each of our activities must be as much as possible in harmony with the environment and local society. We know, that building a happy and committed team as a fundament for making beautiful and high-quality products. We strongly believe in design, patent law and copyrights and we condemn any kind of copying. 

This is a constant process, but day by day and step by step we are closer.