Buy original

The real value of original products

By buying original products you always buy the real quality and the whole value behind the product. You also support creativity and progress in the industry.


Each new fixture is followed by a few or even dozens of concepts, drawings, 3D models, 3D printed-prototypes. We test shapes, light sources, beams, safety, packaging, etc. before we decide about the final design.


CE, UL, cUL are done by specialized certified laboratories. We send fixtures to be tested and destroyed in a lab to prove that we did a good and safe fixture.


We always apply for patents and/or design patents and pay for further protection against copies.

Production line

We need to prepare the production line and special procedures for each project to be sure that quality will be the best, the unit cost we projected, and the capacity enough for the demand.


This is a very big thing. To make fixture popular around the world. We record videos, make ads, spend money on promotion, do tradeshows in Las Vegas, Paris, London, Leeds, Frankfurt, Rimini, Moscow, Guangzhou. Our distributors do also local shows, open days, and roadshows.

Distribution / service net

Our distributors are very close to our clients. They are proof of our reliability. They are always ready to show products live and to do warranty or post-warranty service.

Logo Portman Lights

As you can see it’s not just a simple piece of metal with a light source. By buying copies you just steal and kill creativity.