This is Portman®

We are a professional stage lighting manufacturer. We do eye candy, unique, and loved all around the globe luminaires. All made in Poland, since 2016 and available in 56+ countries.

On our journey from Poland to the biggest stages in the world we had some incredible moments. From the evolution of our design and technology to reaching the world’s well-known brand we have always been following one thing – to be outstanding and reliable.

Unique, beautiful, handy

Every time you use Portman luminaires you may be sure that you use something special, making your show splendid.

Portman entire design and production process takes place in Poland. After months of finding ideas and dozens of prototypes, we are sure that our luminaires are great in every detail to give you durable, robust, beautiful, easy-to-use and original fixtures. All of them are patented.

See how light should light

Each fixture is designed from the inside out, where the quality of light is the most important, with best-in-class light sources and state-of-the-art control electronics.

We know, that the biggest shows need only the best solutions. Our aim is to provide resplendent effects to our eyes and camera lenses, based on high-class powerful light sources with a pure tungsten look, high CRI, absolutely flicker-free,  smooth 16-bit dimming and colour mixing.

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