P1 Retro Lamp


Beautiful warm tungsten light and smooth dimming in a timeless unique fixture design.


P1 Retro Lamp

  • 7 DMX channels
  • 7 x 230W halogen lamps
  • Built in dimmers and electonics
  • 3- and 5-PIN XLR connectors
  • RDM and WDMX (optional module)
  • Can be easily installed on any tripod or hang on any clamp

Halogen, loved by cameras

  • CRI 100 (i)

Color Rendering Index - a measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colours of objects compared to a natural source.

The highest value is 100.

>90 good LED.

>80 standard LED.

<24 sodium light sources.

  • Flicker-free (i)

The ability of the light source not to generate any flicker in cameras.

  • Redshift effect (i)

Wavelength changing when dimming the light source. In halogen, it's from 1600K on lower values (warm colour) to 2900K on high values (colder).

  • Smooth dimming (i)

Halogen is characterized by very smooth dimming. The heating-up tungsten reacts with a slight delay, making the dimming extremely smooth and pleasing to the eye.

  • Strong light output (i)

Halogen 230W is a very strong light source (5000lm). Can be used as a strong blinder.


P1 retro lamp

Dimensions 85 x 99 x 17 cm (33.5 x 39 x 6.7 in)
Weight 12,5 kg (27,5 lbs)
Rigging 12 mm (1/2 in) hole for spigot or clamp
Mounting position Any
Input voltage 230V 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption max 1 610W
Power connector Neutrik PowerCon
Control connector Neutrik 3 & 5 PIN XLR (both: in & out)
Light sources 7 x halogen
R7s 118mm OSRAM Haloline PRO 230V
230 W (high efficiency)
Color temperature 1 600 - 2 900K
CRI 100
Optics High reflective hammered reflector
Control features - 7 DMX channels
- W-DMX (additional option, can be upgraded any time later)
User interface - High-contrast LCD display
- Highlighted buttons
Other details - silver reflector (standard, can be swapped)
- gold reflector (additional option, can be swapped)
- flight cases (2-,3-,4-row) (additional option)
Warranty 24 months
IP rating IP20
What's in the box - Fixture
- 2m power cord (PowerCon <-> no plug, naked ends)
- user manual
- 1x spare lamp
Libraries: GrandMA2, ChamSys, ADJ MyDMX, Avolites Titan, Wysiwyg, Vectorworks, Capture, Realizzer... [download here]

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P1 retro lamp


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