to make stages outstanding

Continuity of the timeless and globally unique design. Now in a super modular form.

A combination of very strong tungsten-emulated main LED sources (portman haloLED™) and RGBW Glow is perfect for any kind of event.


3 x portman haloLED™

• 3x 60W
• true tungsten emulation
• smooth dimming
• warm on lower values
• bright and blinding on higher values

3 x RGBW glow

• 3x 12W
• saturated colours
• smooth dimming and colour mixing
• separate control

Hi-class electronics

• 6 DMX modes
• Colour Feedback System™
• W-DMX option
• macros
• power through

E-CONN™ connector (optional)

• 4-way connector
• adjustable arms
• solid connection
• perfect shapes


optional accessory

4-way connector

solid connection
perfect shapes
two adjustable arms
fast structures



Dimensions 866 x 205 x 189mm (34.09 x 8.07 x 7.44in)
Weight 5,2kg (11,46lbs)
Rigging - 2 x 12 mm (1/2 in) holes for clamp on back
- base (not included)
- hanging adaptor (included) with 12 mm (1/2 in) hole for clamp
Mounting position Any
Input voltage 100-240V 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption max 240W
Power connector PowerCon TRUE1 power through
Control connector - 5 PIN XLR (both: in & out)
Light sources - 3 x haloLED™ (3x60W)
- 3 x RGBW glow (3x12W)
Color temperature - 1600-3200K
CRI >90
Optics - High reflective hammered reflector
- Opal diffuser
Control features - 6 DMX modes (9-39 DMX channels)
- macros
- W-DMX (optional module)
User interface - High-contrast LCD display
- Highlighted buttons
Warranty 24 months
IP rating IP20
What's in the box - Fixture
- 2m power cord (PowerCon TRUE 1<-> no plug)
- hanging adapter (also for tripod)
- User manual
P2 EVO™ compatibility - Height: 2x EVO ELEMENT™ = 1x P2 EVO™
- the same pixels' sizes
- the same light sources
- the same accessories
Additional accessories - E-CONN™ (4-way connector. Each 30° adjustable arms)
- P2 EVO base
- P2 EVO height adapter
- WDMX module
- male-male connector
- flight case
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EVO ELEMENT™, patented design. Also in China.

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