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Country Music Festival

10 August 2017

Ft. Luke Bryan, Lady Antebellum & many more

We take a quick look at CMA Fest 2017 featuring Luke Bryan, Lady Antebellum.

Festival was launched back in 1972 and gathered milions of people. The 4-day festival took place in Nissan Stadium. We are thrilled to see our fixtures in the States 🙂

Portman P1 Retro Lamp is a fixture which can be used for different occassions and it suits different styles eg. Country Music. Brilliant connection 🙂

We want to see more of it!

Take a quick look at Sneek Peak of it on our Facebook page.

P1 Retro Lamps Country Music Festival 2017 USA

P1 Retro Lamps Country Music Festival 2017 USA

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