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Portman in Turkey!

16 August 2017

Throughtout last couple of months there were many events in Turkey featuring P1 Retro Lamp. It is great to see in Instanbul Portman Fixtures!

Our stage lighting were part of scenery for Sertab Erener, Murat Boz or Emre Kula. It’s amazing to see such artists using our fixtures 🙂

Perfect for television, theater and live performances. Whether used as a part of the scenery or as a strong light source, the Portman P1 & P2 Hexaline will command attention on any stage.


Portman P1 Retro Lamp in Turkey

Portman P1 Retro Lamp in Turkey

Sertab Erener in Turkey with Portman Lights

  • 4 October 2017

    Klovner I Kamp

    Spectacular scenery in NorwayKlovner I Kamp featured in Sentrum Scene in Oslo, Norway. Beautiful

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