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Gavin DeGraw

5 September 2017

American singer-songwriter with P1s


Gavin DeGraw Tour with P1 Retro Lamps!

Elegant set up behind american musician in Nashville.

Portman Custom Lights produces lighting that is strikingly beautiful and perfect in every detail. Reminiscent of old broadcast light fixtures, Portman brings back the retro-style with modern conveniences like on-board dimmers and DMX control. Like a piece of art, Portman Custom Lights are comfortable in any situation. Perfect for television, theater and live performances. Whether used as a part of the scenery or as a strong light source, the Portman P1 & P2 Hexaline will command attention on any stage.

Source: Live Design Magazine
Supplier: Bandit Lites
LD:Jarret Goldman

Gavin DeGraw with Portman P1 Retro Lamp

Gavin DeGraw with Portman P1 Retro Lamp


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