Investment boost!

21 March 2019
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Portman Lights gets investment boost from The French Team!

We would like to proudly announce that we`ve got the investment boost from the French Team – original founders of e.g. AyrtonSIXTY82Axente.

Xavier Drouet, Jérôme Bréhard and Alain-René Lantelme, connected with such successful brands like Axente, Ayrton, Sixty82, and others made a move that will allow the Portman Lights to expand its R&D potential, service its clients more efficiently and develop new products more swiftly in response to market demand.

We want to be a one of the top brand in decorative stage lighting and are still growing and developing new products. R&D is the most important area of our company and. We needed a truly experienced partner with the best global connections and the deepest knowledge and experience of the market. Someone who has developed many brands in the industry and can help us achieve a secure and stablized future.

The ideal investor was found within Portman Lights’ own distribution network .We have worked closely together ever since Axente became a distributor in 2017 during which time we developed a great understanding of each others businesses. We discovered they had a wealth of experience in moving brands such as Portman Lights ahead but – more importantly – we discovered a team of good people with whom we feel a chemistry and who share our close-held values of trust and honesty.

As an innovative company which has been developing incredibly quickly, it was necessary for us to acquire strong long-term capacities. This new partnership will boost our R&D capabilities, and give us access to 30 years of valuable experience, knowledge and a high-tech approach to development, yet ensure that Portman Lights continues to be led by the people whose original passion created it.

“Our investment in Portman Lights is much more than just a financial operation,” confirms The French Team’s Xavier Drouet. “It is a human story that we, the partners, want to write with this dynamic and innovative young team.”

Electro Beach Festival 2018 with Portman fixtures, design Andreas Monsch
Electro Beach Festival 2018 with Portman fixtures, design: Andreas Monsch