Portman around the World #7

26 June 2018
used gear

Where Portman fixtures featured the last term?

You are wondering where our fixtures are being used?
Well, pretty much everywhere in the world.

This time we take a closer look at events, concerts and more in Romania, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, England, and Belgium.

We start with Romania – ProFM Romania onTop, LD Cosmin Nemes, Supplier & distributor Marbo Trade. Magnificent show guys!

What a fantastic show in England- The Amazons at All Points East // Victoria Park, Production Designer Tom Campbell, Shout outs to Colour Sound Experiment Ltd& MIRRAD.

Next up is Netherlands- Gregory Porter Showcase in Amsterdam (Distributor FAIRLIGHT)

Next on our radar is Russia-Residence Sareevo Resort, concert_light | Tesla.Place Olmeca Dance Spirit Party (distributor ДОКА Центр / DokaCenter)

And of course our friends from Spain- Social Club Mallorca. They bring again a hell of a night in a Mallorcan club.

And up for last little sneak from Belgium-P3 arrived to Splendit Belgium and are ready to work!

That’s it for this week Portman around the World. If you have any questions regarding this events/shows, let us know by writing to us on Facebook or email.

See you next time!