Portman around the World #9

25 July 2018
used gear

Where Portman fixtures featured the last term?

You are wondering where our fixtures are being used? Well, pretty much everywhere around the world.

This time we take a closer look at events, concerts and more in Netherlands, France, Australia, UK, Poland and Romania.

Portman Lights in an amazing lighting design during Defqon Festival2018
Portman Lights during Defqon 2018
Portman Lights during Defqon
Amazing lighting design durin Defqon Festival 2018 including Portman Lights P1 Retro Lamp
Defqon Festival 2018 and Portman Lights

Defqon.1 Festival
Set design: Tamil v Draanen & Jonas Schmidt (Q-dance)
Lights: Marcel Binnenmarsch en RJ Vernooij
Supplier: Rent-All

Electrobeach Festival 2018 with an enormous 99 Portman P1 on stage, Lighting Designer: Andreas Monsch

Supplier Concept Group agence de Brignoles.

Electrobeach Festival and enormous set of 99 P1 Retro Lamp by Portman Lights
Portman Lights during Electrobeach Festival 2018

Jet – one of Australia’s most successful rock bands of all time with a killer show in Sydney. Lighting Designer Anthony Petruzio

ChamSys Training Course with Marbo Trade in Romania. Plenty of P1 Retro Lamp and P2 Hexaline

📸 (instagram.com/tim.perrett) Tim Perrett got his hands on P1s thanks to Dry Hire Lighting.

📸 (instagram.com/foxy_roller) Retro project with Portman fixtures thanks to Zły Projekt.