Social Club for mondo*dr award

8 February 2018
used gear

Social Club submitted to Nightclub category

With our friends from Social Club Mallorca we submitted Social Club to mondo*dr awards!

Fantastic project in which 16 P2s were used. And here is what Lukasz Sztejna, our R&D Chief said about our cooperation with MADRIX in this project:
,,There is MADRIX Plexus used in this project. There are two modes: one being standard mode with some configured loops for events, while the other mode is using a microphone, it means that the intensity and speed is controlled by the music and sounds of the club. This allows the wall to be interactive, adding another layer of atmosphere to the club. Also ADJ LED bars in the club, 26 of them, are all controlled by MADRIX Plexus as well.”

The concept of the club was to create something truly unique, with all details being perfect, not only lighting, but also speakers-which are golden, retro-style floors, round-shaped looking like a barrels tables, elegant sofas.
Main challenge was to make this place hypnotizing. It’s easy to say it was accomplished.

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