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Portman around the World #9

25 July 2018

Where Portman fixtures featured the last term?

You are wondering where our fixtures are being used? Well, pretty much everywhere around the world.

This time we take a closer look at events, concerts and more in Netherlands, France, Australia, UK, Poland and Romania.

Defqon.1 Festival
Set design: Tamil v Draanen & Jonas Schmidt (Q-dance)
Lights: Marcel Binnenmarsch en RJ Vernooij
Supplier: Rent-All

Electrobeach Festival 2018 with an enormous 99 Portman P1 on stage, Lighting Designers William Belleudy, Cedric Davignon. Supplier Concept Group agence de Brignoles.

Jet – one of Australia’s most successful rock bands of all time with a killer show in Sydney. Lighting Designer Anthony Petruzio

ChamSys Training Course with Marbo Trade in Romania. Plenty of P1 Retro Lamp and P2 Hexaline

📸 ( Tim Perrett got his hands on P1s thanks to Dry Hire Lighting.

📸 ( Retro project with Portman fixtures thanks to Zły Projekt.


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